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Lake Image Systems wins a Must See 'em Award

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Lake Image Systems Inc., the leaders in data integrity, verification and print quality inspection systems, have been awarded a Graph Expo 2016 MUST SEE 'EM, within the Color Management and Quality Control category, for the third year running.

This year the accolade is for Discovery Roll Inspector, an all in one print inspection system for web printers. Must See 'Em awards are selected by a panel of industry experts, journalists and consultants who base their choices on the most compelling technology that will impact the industry in the coming year. Visitors to Graph Expo 2016 are encouraged to seek out Must See Em winners and provides a valuable guide to all attendees.

Today, sophisticated pre-press and document composition tools can produce jobs where every page can be different from the next, with fully variable page layouts, images and branding. Web printers from major manufacturers can then print these jobs in simplex, duplex, 2-up or full color - at speeds exceeding 1000 fpm. Under these conditions, printer operators stand little chance of detecting print defects which can quickly result in large amounts of waste. Moreover, if the defective print goes out undetected and uncorrected, it could result in expensive rejects, re-runs or worse, loss of business!

Discovery Roll Inspector is an all in one, cost effective and high performance in-line print quality inspection system that, unlike standard web vision systems, automatically inspects 100% of the web. It prevents spiraling production costs, resulting from printing errors and helps to mitigate potentially crippling business risks. With over 22 years of expertise, Lake Image Systems has the most comprehensive, proven and reliable variable data verification and print quality inspection technology on the market today. The Roll Inspector combines their "best-in-class" technology, software and expertise into a cost effective, feature rich, easy to implement and simple to use solution.

"We're especially proud and honored to win such a prestigious award for the third consecutive year," said Scott Stevens, President for Lake Image Systems Inc. "We have always tried to instill an innovative, customer focused culture within our company and these awards clearly reflect that our strategy is on the right course and is delivering real benefits for our customers."

Graph Expo visitors will get a unique insight into how the Roll Inspector can meet the integrity and print inspection needs of real-world applications. Furthermore, for a limited time, the Roll Inspector is being offered on a cost effective, click based pricing model which makes it affordable to all owners of web printers.     

Discovery Roll Inspector and previous winners of the Must See Ems award, Discovery Enterprise (2014) and Discovery Maxscan (2015), will be shown at the Lake Image booth, #1169 during Graph Expo, which takes place Sept. 25 - 28 at the Orange County Convention Center North in Orlando, Florida.


WPO reinforces its mission as a not for profit and non-political global packaging organization

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As stated in its slogan, the role of WPO is "Better quality of life through better packaging for more people"

Since its founding in Tokyo (Japan), in 1968,WPO´s (World Packaging Organization - purposes include encouraging the development of packaging technology, science and engineering; contribute to the development of international trade; and stimulate education and training in packaging. "In the last several years we have been very active in the third item, packaging education. Just as an example, in 2014 we were successful in offering training programs in Bali, Indonesia and in Tra Vinh City, Vietnam; in the first part of 2015 the success was repeated in Jakarta, Indonesia. From August to December 2015, other programs were held in China, Croatia and Vietnam", explains WPO´s President, Thomas Schneider. Similar education training programs are being planned in Singapore, Vietnam, China, Ghana, Nigeria, Croatia, Italy, among others.

All these programs are financed by the local packaging associations, members of WPO. "Our role in this process is to offer the instructor with the expertise in packaging. WPO understands that education is the best way of improving local packaging industries and the professionals that will, consequently, develop better packaging that can contribute to better quality of life for local societies, for example, offering access to food, medicines, personal care products, etc, and coping with food safety and other regulatory aspects", continues Schneider.

Another important activity of WPO is to help local industries and professionals to create their own packaging organization. "We also understand that a packaging association is important to give the sector a formal platform to develop and organize education training programs in packaging." A recent example was the participation of WPO in the creation of Packaging Institutesin Ghana and Nigeria. The Organization offered the local professionals, exclusively, the knowledge to create a successful private, not for profit organization, run by the local industry, whose main value is to spread the packaging culture through valuable packaging education programs.

According to Pierre Pienaar, WPO Vice President Education and responsible for the training programs, "Packaging technology training forums give participants additional educational opportunities today to meet the demands of the workplaces of tomorrow. Education is for life. It is an investment that cannot be lost, spent or taken away and those attending will be better informed to tackle those future challenges, facing the packaging industry, and to be able to prepare themselves for competitive advantages in the wider economic community market".


Innovative secondary packaging

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An industry first for slim beverage cartons such as combidome: the HERO tray from SIG Combibloc. Innovative secondary packaging: excellent transport protection and product presentation

With the HERO tray, an innovative display tray for tall, slim beverage cartons such as the carton bottle combidome, SIG Combibloc has produced an industry first. For the first time, the market now has a secondary packaging solution that is not the same height as the carton packs. The clever design of the new HERO tray ensures carton packs are evenly stacked and safely protected during transport - and can later be attractively presented on the sales shelf and removed from the secondary packaging easily.

Trays for beverage cartons need to meet two basic requirements. First of all, they serve to protect the carton packs during transport on pallets, and secondly they can be used to present the products on the shelf. Georg Schulte, Project Manager Downstream/Secondary Packaging at SIG Combibloc: "Sometimes it's difficult to accommodate both of these requirements. While a completely enclosed type of secondary packaging is ideally used for transport to protect the carton packs, a very shallow tray offers the best solution for presenting the cartons and makes them easier to remove from the packaging. With our new HERO tray, we've developed a solution that meets both requirements. At the same time, using the new tray lowers costs for beverage manufacturers, because less corrugated board is used than in trays that are the same height as the carton packs. The bottom line: these savings don't have to be offset by higher logistics costs".

With the HERO tray, SIG Combibloc offers a solution that provides the ultimate in transport protection and at the same time ensures the carton packs can be flawlessly presented and smoothly removed from the shelf at POS. The trays are so shallow at the front that virtually the entire front communication panel of the carton pack is visible, and the carton packs can be lifted out of the tray effortlessly even from higher shelves. The tray back, which is the same height as the carton packs, ensures the carton packs are not crushed during transport, and pallets can be loaded with the maximum number of layers. In the tray formation of 2 by 4 carton packs (stacked in 5 layers), 800 1-litre carton packs fit on a Euro pallet without overhang. For slim carton packs, this is a unique solution in the market.

Reduced costs, perfect presentation
Georg Schulte: "For beverage manufacturers, the HERO tray means lower costs for secondary packaging material, while logistics costs remain unchanged. For the retail market, handling costs go down, because the carton packs can be sold straight from the tray, and even straight from the pallet. There's also less packaging to dispose of. And the consumer also benefits from the new SIG HERO tray, thanks to attractive product presentation and effortless removal of the products from the tray".

The HERO trays from SIG Combibloc are already in use nation-wide in German convenience stores. Further market launches will be following soon.


New Tamper-Evident Adhesive

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Avery Dennison Labels & Packaging Materials Europe has developed an adhesive that improves product security on pharmaceutical box packaging by leaving clear visible evidence of tampering.

The new permanent emulsion acrylic adhesive S788P has twice the internal strength of common alternatives which ensures successful fiber tear if an applied pharmaceutical label is removed. S788P will help Pharmaceuticals manufacturers meet the European requirements within the Falsified Medicines Directive 2011/62/EU.

Ricardo ten Velden, global segment director Pharma & Healthcare Avery Dennison Materials Group Europe, said that work is continuing to give converters and their customers everything they need to meet changing pharma regulations as pharma packaging becomes more complex: "The WHO (World Health Organisation) has previously estimated that up to 10% of medicines across the globe are counterfeit. It no longer gives a figure, but says that counterfeiting can involve large scale manufacturing, and affects every country. Product protection remains a critically important issue for anyone working in the pharma segment. Avery Dennison has a very wide pharma security portfolio designed to leave visual signs on the pharmaceutical box, with both label damage or box damage options.
The trange continues to expand, and this latest new adhesive is designed to give reliable tamper-evident labelling - one of the key requirements of the new EU directive. S788P ensures a successful fibre tear on different card/varnish combinations."

"We are committed to strong growth in this segment, and that means not only giving converters a large and growing range of product choices, but also giving them comprehensive technical support, so they can be confident they are complying with evolving regulations" - explains Mr. Velden.


Resource conservation with Bio-Flex® FX

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New blends allow for considerable reduction in thickness for compostable films.

The Bioplastic specialist FKuR has developed a new technology for the production of compounds which can be processed into flexible packaging films with particularly low thickness and, at the same time, high puncture resistance. With Bio-Flex® FX 1120 and Bio-Flex® FX 1130, FKuR will be presenting the first two products based on this new technology at the K 2016. Films made from these materials are suitable for food contact and compostable according to EN 13432. Depending upon the type, the proportion of renewable raw materials is more than 50%. The processing of both FX types of Bio-Flex® corresponds largely to standard PE processing.

For especially thin films Bio-Flex® FX 1130 is designed to complement the previous standard compound Bio-Flex® F 1130. Whilst films made of conventional F 1130 have a paperlike touch the FX quality offers a silky surface. Films produced with this blend are further characterized by an increased tensile strength, puncture and tear resistance. This enables converters to use less material without compromising the performance characteristics of the film. In practice, it has been proven that film thicknesses of 8 microns are possible. In addition, film manufacturers benefit from high throughputs in extrusion, as well as excellent sealing properties of the material.

For 50% biobased bags Bio-Flex® FX 1120 is a new development for film production, especially for very thin bags, such as bio-waste bags. The increased water resistance, when compared to starch blends, permits a high retention of moisture which is originated during the decomposition of organic products in bio-bags. With a high proportion of renewable raw materials of more than 50%, the Bio-Flex® FX 1120 compound fulfills the requirements of the German Bio-waste Ordinance.

Julian Schmeling, head of development at FKuR says: "Aside from the use of renewable resources, material reduction is an essential pillar on the road to achieving greater sustainability. This applies to conventional plastics as well as to bioplastics. In conventional polyolefin films, the trend to produce thinner films without the loss of strength and toughness is already known for quite some time. Films made from biodegradable resins have reached sufficient performance values with thicknesses of about 15 microns. In practice, the film thicknesses today are between 18 and 26 microns. Thanks to the use of novel polymeric additive systems and an adapted compounding process, FKuR now provides converters with the possibility to follow the trend using bioplastics and combine significant material savings along with compostability."


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