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Winners of Pentawards 2016

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The winners of Pentawards 2016 - the most beautiful packaging designs in the world. Shanghai, 23rd September 2016.

The international jury of Pentawards®, the first worldwide competition devoted exclusively to Packaging Design, chaired by Gérard Caron, is announcing its 2016 winners.

This year, which celebrates the 10th anniversary of the Pentawards, the winners received the following global awards in Shanghai's design hotel Hyatt on the Bund in front of more than 250 designers and brand owners from all around the world (24 countries represented).

The prestigious Diamond Pentaward, 2016 Best of Show was won by the London-based agency Jones Knowles Ritchie, for the new boxes of the famous home delivery Domino's pizza.

The Platinum Pentawards, awarded to the best in packaging in five major categories, go to:

Beverages Category:

Bullet (Japan) for a Sake bottle, Imayotsukasa Sake Brewery - Imayotsukasa

Food Category:
CBX (USA), for the Man Cave Meats range of sausages and hamburgers

Body Category:
Mousegraphics (Greece), for the packaging of BIC socks

Other Markets Category:
The Partners (UK) for a wide range of packaging designs for Argos 'Simple Value' household appliances

Luxury Category:
Coley Porter Bell (UK) for the superb bottle 'The Icon', Chivas Regal (Pernod Ricard Group)

The 10th edition of the Pentawards in figures
This tenth edition of the Pentawards received 1,843 entries from 5 continents and 54 countries. This shows an increase of nearly 10% in enrolment over the previous year.

In addition to the Diamond Pentaward and the 5 Platinum Pentawards, the international jury also awarded 47 Gold Pentawards among the 55 categories competing this year. Silver and Bronze Pentawards were also presented. In total, 34 countries are represented among the winners.

These most beautiful packaging designs in the world can all be seen at

THE 2017 PENTAWARDS will be presented in Spain.

Registrations for the 11th Pentawards will be open from 20th February to 7th April 2017. All relevant information to register for this international competition dedicated solely to packaging design is available on the following website:
Next year, the 11th Ceremony of the Pentawards will be take place in Barcelona.


Free access at PACK EXPO SOUTH EAST EUROPE event

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150 top companies exhibit their latest packaging solutions.

PACK EXPO, representative event from South East Europe for the packaging industry, brings together no less than 150 top companies that will exhibit in the Central Pavilion of Romexpo Bucharest their latest packaging and labeling solutions, technologies, raw materials and supplies, packages and labels.

GET YOUR FREE ACCESS AT PACK EXPO Register now! Click here >>

Please allocate less than 2 minutes now for the online registration and you will have quick access to this year's event of the packaging industry and packing solutions in South East Europe.

Special offer:

  • Free accommodation for one night in Bucharest (limit of available places).
  • Free participation in related events in Pack Expo (the conference Reduce food waste. We value food! and the gala of the first contest on packages and labels in Romania: Romanian Packaging Awards).

Leaders of the packaging industry and packaging solutions are waiting for you at Pack Expo 2016!




Printed electronics market growing considerably

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Revenue forecast for 2020: 43 billion US dollars

The printed electronics market will continue to grow in the future. The 2016 global revenue for products using printed and organic electronics is estimated at 26.9 billion US dollars. This equates to an annual increase since 2010 of 31.8 percent. And according to the consulting firm Smithers Apex, the market volume is predicted to grow further in coming years, to an estimated 43 billion US dollars by 2020. Good business opportunities await exhibitors at LOPEC 2017, in other words. The global flagship industry event for printed and organic electronics will take place in Munich, Germany, from March 28 to 30, 2017.

The key technology is already being used in a large number of industries-including for interactive medical devices and pharmaceutical packaging in the field of medicine, OLED tail lights in the automotive sector, and displays as well as sensors in consumer electronics. "Interest in printed and organic electronics continues to rise, as does the demand for products and solutions that leverage these technologies," says Dr. Peter Fischer, Chief Operating Officer at Thin Film Electronics ASA. "Platforms such as LOPEC play a vital role in supporting innovation and fueling business success. Thin Film will be exhibiting again in 2017 and we look forward to strengthening existing relationships and uncovering new opportunities."

Further, a number of other industry players have already registered for the exhibition, including Bosch Rexroth, Cambridge Display Technology, Coatema, Fujifilm Dimatix, Kroenert, Merck, NovaCentrix, PolyIC, Thieme, Schott and VTT. LOPEC is unique in that in addition to targeting users of this technology of tomorrow it also attracts developers, material manufacturers, and researchers.

The first keynote speakers for the plenary session have already been confirmed. Jean Yves Gomez from ISORG, France, for example, will present applications using optical sensors for medical technology. Sangyon Lee, meanwhile, will focus on current activities at electronics group Samsung, and the use of printed and organic electronics in South Korea, while Jennifer Lin from AUO, Taiwan, will speak about printed transistors for flexible applications, and for displays in particular.

The next LOPEC event will be held from March 28 to 30, 2017, in Munich, Germany.


Tosaf's additives deliver the packaging of tomorrow

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Tosaf, a leading producer of packaging additives, creates the packaging of tomorrow with special additives, designed to improve the freshness of packed food, prolong the shelf life of sensitive products and minimize food waste.

Tosaf's humidity absorbers are pioneering moisture barriers that transform any standard multilayered PE packaging into active packaging with powerful humidity absorption capabilities. Tosaf's MBs address both ambient and headspace humidity, simultaneously boosting the impermeability of the packaging and its internal absorption.

Oxygen, on which all living things depend, is also what makes food turn rancid. Tosaf's innovative oxygen barrier compound enables to obtain high barrier properties even in mere three-layer packaging.

Since even high barrier films only reduce permeability (rather than eliminating it), Tosaf's oxygen absorber MB is a game changer. This additive is able to simultaneously boost packaging impermeability and absorb headspace humidity inside the package.

Tosaf is committed to reducing food waste worldwide - a primary cause of which is the premature ripening of post-harvest fruits and vegetables due to ethylene release. To maintain produce quality in storage, during shipping, and at the point of sale, Tosaf has engineered an ethylene control MB. This packaging additive regulates ripening, and can be integrated into plastic packaging using conventional extrusion technologies.

In Tosaf's vision, a smart self-regulating package will also preserve optimal conditions for the packed items after opening and reclosing. Tosaf's highly effective re-closable compound allows active packaging to be more consumer-friendly. Combining it with Tosaf's other special additives enables the package to retain its internal environment for multiple uses.

Tosaf will be show their developments on K-2016 event in Düsseldorf, between 19 - 26 October 2016, on Hall 8a Booth D01.

About Tosaf Group:
The Tosaf Group, founded in 1985, is a joint-venture between Megides Holding and the Ravago Group, with a total of 900 employees, 40 sales offices and distributors. Tosaf operates 11 production sites in Israel, Turkey, Germany, UK, The Netherlands and China with a production capacity reaching 120,000 tons per year. The groups idea is, to help people all over the world to enjoy far better and safer products using much less resources, increasing yields, improving food, saving water, protecting the environment, and offering a better quality of living in almost all aspects of life.


Lake Image Systems wins a Must See 'em Award

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Lake Image Systems Inc., the leaders in data integrity, verification and print quality inspection systems, have been awarded a Graph Expo 2016 MUST SEE 'EM, within the Color Management and Quality Control category, for the third year running.

This year the accolade is for Discovery Roll Inspector, an all in one print inspection system for web printers. Must See 'Em awards are selected by a panel of industry experts, journalists and consultants who base their choices on the most compelling technology that will impact the industry in the coming year. Visitors to Graph Expo 2016 are encouraged to seek out Must See Em winners and provides a valuable guide to all attendees.

Today, sophisticated pre-press and document composition tools can produce jobs where every page can be different from the next, with fully variable page layouts, images and branding. Web printers from major manufacturers can then print these jobs in simplex, duplex, 2-up or full color - at speeds exceeding 1000 fpm. Under these conditions, printer operators stand little chance of detecting print defects which can quickly result in large amounts of waste. Moreover, if the defective print goes out undetected and uncorrected, it could result in expensive rejects, re-runs or worse, loss of business!

Discovery Roll Inspector is an all in one, cost effective and high performance in-line print quality inspection system that, unlike standard web vision systems, automatically inspects 100% of the web. It prevents spiraling production costs, resulting from printing errors and helps to mitigate potentially crippling business risks. With over 22 years of expertise, Lake Image Systems has the most comprehensive, proven and reliable variable data verification and print quality inspection technology on the market today. The Roll Inspector combines their "best-in-class" technology, software and expertise into a cost effective, feature rich, easy to implement and simple to use solution.

"We're especially proud and honored to win such a prestigious award for the third consecutive year," said Scott Stevens, President for Lake Image Systems Inc. "We have always tried to instill an innovative, customer focused culture within our company and these awards clearly reflect that our strategy is on the right course and is delivering real benefits for our customers."

Graph Expo visitors will get a unique insight into how the Roll Inspector can meet the integrity and print inspection needs of real-world applications. Furthermore, for a limited time, the Roll Inspector is being offered on a cost effective, click based pricing model which makes it affordable to all owners of web printers.     

Discovery Roll Inspector and previous winners of the Must See Ems award, Discovery Enterprise (2014) and Discovery Maxscan (2015), will be shown at the Lake Image booth, #1169 during Graph Expo, which takes place Sept. 25 - 28 at the Orange County Convention Center North in Orlando, Florida.


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